Why Automatic Lessons

Why Take Automatic Lessons with Us

Learning to drive a car with manual gear is not for many people, for some automatic lessons is a better choice. Some of you may have tried getting driving lessons for a manual car before and found it too difficult; and some may have disability, making it hard for them to move. If you are n any of these predicament, taking a self-analysis might be a good start for you.

Having no clutch or pedal, vehicles with automatic gears can be easier to drive. Additionally, if you are having difficulty managing the gears that are usual in a manual car, you will find that taking classes in automatic driving is a faster way to gain your license. For some people, they just prefer automatic transmissions especially when in the city driving as traffic means more frequent reporting changes for manual drivers.

Before deciding to book driving lessons in a car auto or manual, it is important to note that an automatic license does not allow you to drive a manual car once you have passed the test. This means going for automatic can now limit your choice in the purchase or rental of a car or truck in the future.

At Automatic Driving Lessons Coventry, we offer automatic driving lessons in the Coventry Area, with both male and female driving instructors ready to help you finish your goal and pass your driving test. To make the offer much sweeter, we offer them at a much lower price than any other driving schools around Coventry.

Whether you choose automatic or manual driving classes, rest assured that you will receive the same high standards of education of our instructors.